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“Teaching fundamentals to babes on blades.”

Lind A. Fox - The Toronto Sun


“Two former competitors are making a business of teaching tots how to skate right from the start.”

Andrew Trimble - The Toronto Star


“Passion, skills key element at "funSKATE.”

John Cudmore - The Liberal


“funSKATE school makes ice time positive.”

Sam Laskaris - The Toronto Star


“Kids have fun learning good skating techniques.”

The Liberal




I think this is of value that I had my daughter and son attended your program in the winter 2006.  Since then due to scheduling conflicts I registered them in Kids on Ice and now for the fall 2007 I register all 3 kids in Can Skate.  BY FAR YOUR PROGRAM AND INSTRUCTORS ARE SUPERIOR!!!  I'm totally disappointed in both Kids on Ice and Can Skate whereby I've removed my 3 yr old and would like to register with you for the weekend program at Vaughan Plex.  I plan on registering my daughter and son in winter 2008 with you.


Best Regards,


Egidio S.





Thank you for your kind words and sound advice.


The main reason we have come to you is that I was so impressed with how your coaches treated Ethan all year this past year. I observed how your whole team of skaters has a gift (which is truly caring for children). These young skaters are all a product of Dave and your dedication.


You did not disappoint me in your quick evaluation of Ryan. In fact, you have helped me immensely.


He seems to love hockey and does not like losing and the last thing we will do is turn him off of skating or the game by pushing him. Thank you and we look forward to taking up the appropriate lessons for both of our children in the autumn.


Best Wishes and have a great summer!



Hi Laura

Thank you for patiently putting my kids to the right group last Sunday. Not only you personally assigned my daughter immediately after I discussed my concern with you while you were extremely busy at the beginning of the lesson, but also my son was being “promoted” to the right group after a very short period of assessment time. I am very impressive with your staff and your systems. They wasted no time to position my son to the proper training level, from first to second and then from second to third. As a matter of fact, to the group that was bank on to what I believed he should be in after I looked around the arena. This is how experience of your people that one can tell. I am amazed and impressed. By the way, I am sure your passion helping that kid to learn skating would win all the parent's heart. I hope your back was ok after kneeing for such a while. Last but not least, my wife also joined funSKATE as a first skater. She enjoyed a lot!


Best regards,
Sam Yung



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